Primeline Drills Another Duster in East China Sea

Primeline Drills Another Duster in East China Sea

Primeline Drills Another Duster in East China Sea

Primeline Energy Holdings has completed its drilling operations at the LS30-3-1 well, in the East China Sea, without discovering hydrocarbons.

This is the second dry well for Primeline in its two-well drilling campaign in the East China Sea as the company’s first well, the LS23-1-1 well, proved to be a non-commercial discovery.

LS30-3-1 is located approximately 20km north of the LS36-1 gas field platform and was targeting a large channel sand prospect as part of Primeline’s two well exploration drilling program for 2015.

The well spudded on November 13. When it reached the planned total depth of 1800m, Primeline decided to deepen the well, drilling to a total depth of 2000m on November 27 with electronic log data being collected during November 27-30, Primeline said on Tuesday.

The analysis of the results shows that whilst the well encountered three sets of very good sandstone reservoir sequences as predicted, there was no oil or gas accumulation in those sandstones, the company explained. The LS30-3-1 has thus been declared as a dry well and the plug and abandon operation is now ongoing before the rig is released, Primeline further added.

The company says it will conduct a careful post-well evaluation of the results of the LS23-1-1 and LS30-3-1 wells in the coming months in order to formulate the next stage of the exploration program in the remainder of the 5,877sq km of Block 33/07.


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