Further Discovery for Petrobras in Espirito Santo Basin

Further Discovery for Petrobras in Espirito Santo Basin

Further Discovery for Petrobras in Espirito Santo Basin

Petrobras has made a further discovery of oil accumulations in Espírito Santo Basin, offshore Brazil.

According to Inpex Corporation, a partner in the project, the company discovered oilbearing sandstone layers amounting to a cumulative thickness of approximately 70m at a depth of about 4,850m through appraisal drilling in the BM-ES-23 concession in the Espírito Santo Basin.

Inpex also said that the drilling was part of the appraisal work being conducted since 2013 to further explore new oil and natural gas accumulations in the concession. The discovery follows earlier finds announced on October 8, 2014 and January 7, 2015.

The concession lies 115 km off the coast of the State of Espírito Santo in southeastern Brazil, where water depth ranges from 1,800m to 2,000m. Through Inpex Petróleo Santos Ltda., a subsidiary, Inpex owns a 15% participating interest in the concession, where Inpex has engaged in exploration activities alongside partners Petrobras (operator) and PTTEP, which own 65% and 20% participating interests, respectively.

Inpex added that, together with its partners, it would analyze and evaluate the data retrieved from the appraisal well, in addition to the data from the earlier finds, and proceed with the appraisal work.

Source: www.offshoreenergytoday.com

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