Inspections, Surveys & Audits

All aspects of general marine surveying are undertaken by our consultant surveyors worldwide. FMCG undertake ship surveys on behalf of a variety of clients including Owners, Charterers, Shippers, P&I clubs and Underwriters. These include:

  • Pre-entry condition and routine condition surveys
  • Hatch-cover condition (ultrasonic)
  • Pre-purchase
  • Pre-charter
  • Post-charter surveys
  • On-hire and off-hire
  • Draught Surveys
  • Bunker surveys
  • Hold condition surveys
  • Damage Surveys of fixed and floating objects
  • Dock Damage

Surveys can be performed to the client’s own specification and where required, reported in the client’s own pro-forma survey report format. FMCG has extensive experience in technical management. Managing the managers is an increasing part of our workload. FMCG engineering consultants have expertise in technical management, superintendency, budgeting, dry-docking, technical ISM/SMS requirements and commercial management. Our consultants are frequently engaged in Audits of Owners/Operators Office and Systems. FMCG is also very active in:

  • Navigational Audits,
  • ISM Audits,
  • CMID Audits
  • Human Element Audits and 3rd Party suitability audits
  • SIRE based 3rdparty / independent vessel inspections
  • Pre SIRE inspections and best practice training
  • Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) auditing and system review
  • Navigation Risk Assessments for terminal and offshore construction projects
  • Marine terminal assessments
  • Vessels construction and repair yard assessments.

These services are utilized in Loss Prevention, Insurance claims and Pre-Entry risk analysis by P&I Clubs, Owners and Charterers. An independent overview of practices in place in their own offices, on their own and chartered vessels, or those they may consider chartering, can be of great benefit.