Ports, Terminals & Harbors

FMCG provides specialist port and harbour consultancy services. We work with international clients such as port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies, civil engineering contractors, banks, insurers and government departments.

FMCG has extensive experience in marine design and vessel operations, which is crucial to port and harbour development. Wherever ports and port operations are being considered, planned, developed, expanded or changed, it is vital to consider the ships' requirements. FMCG provides practical solutions by working with clients in a flexible, cost effective manner which makes a key contribution to the overall success of the project. 


Port Development and Consultancy Work

Our staff who comprise of naval architects, master mariners, marine, civil and structural engineers apply balanced practical and technical expertise in the fields of port engineering and commercial shipping.


Port and Harbour Operations

Our experienced engineers and master mariners provide design, risk and safety assessment, risk analysis, maneuvering studies, verification and surveys.