Project Management


FMCG has extensive, hands-on experience managing a multitude of project types and sizes. We offer knowledgeable Project Managers (PMs), supported by a strong Project Management Office (PMO) and guided by proven project management processes.


If you are putting a project or operation out to tender, have received bids to evaluate or need technical input into contracts, FMCG can assist you. We have worked on the tendering process in many areas including:

  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Vessel repairs
  • Marine transportation
  • Offshore marine operations
  • Repairs to damaged port and harbour facilities

Our PMs have many years of project management experience. Coupled with formal training in the latest project management tools and techniques, FMCG PMs bring a wealth of knowledge to any project. We can work with you to evaluate the options and scope out the details. We have worked on a broad range of projects including:

  • Port operations
  • Navigation, including ice navigation
  • Towage and tow routing
  • Project-specific transportation
  • Project-specific marine operations
  • Project-specific marine construction locations
  • Vessel selection
  • Weather downtime

Each project provides lessons learned. The PMO incorporates these lessons learned into our existing processes, ensuring continual improvement – a true benefit to our customers. Based on Project Management Institute (PMI) standards, the FMCG project management system includes the following stages:

  • Initiating: Understanding project requirements
  • Planning: Exposing risks and developing risk responses
  • Executing: Managing stakeholder requirements and ensuring quality
  • Controlling and Monitoring: Continually monitoring and reassessing project plans, keeping to budget and schedule
  • Closing: Delivering on-time and on budget

Furthermore, our experts could supervise your Project continuously.